Green Waste Collection

A more affordable option than hiring a skip bin!


Green waste collection catering for your domestic and commercial garden clean-ups.

It’s important we all play our part and dispose of your waste the right way so it’s critical these green waste items are requested for collection:
You CAN dispose of these things:
– Light green waste like light foliage, pruning’s, shrubs, grass clippings and twigs etc.
– Small branches, leaves and palm fronds etc…
– Tree trunks smaller than 150mm in diameter and/or under 1m long

You CAN’T dispose of these things:
– Bricks, soil, concrete, tiles, dirt, sand and stone, rocks and pebbles etc…
– Palm tree trunks and large tree roots etc…
– Woodchip and bark etc…
– Tree trunks larger than 150mm in diameter or over 1m long
– Hazardous materials like asbestos, insulation, liquids, empty chemical containers, food, wet paint tins, non-perishable or perishable food, perishable materials (likely to decay, spoil or putrefy) etc…


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